What’s Gonna Be From Now On?

I’m staring my second year in the college now and just when I thought that I could manage to stand on my own feet and to “get away” from my parents it all crushes down. I lose my shitty job and they come here and demand things from me. I mean I understand them but I need some time for myself too, I need some time to myself to think about all my life and somehow in 2 years I still haven’t managed to figure out not even one thing. And the worst part is that right now I feel just like letting go from everything and just travel the world for some time but yet again there’s no money and there are my obligations, so for the moment I just “travel” the world through google maps.Anyway I really don’t know what’s gonna happen with me from now on but I’m getting really tired of my present. I need an escape from reality for a while ASAP